S&P Carting Service Inc.
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Watermill, NY 11976
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S&P Carting provides comprehensive waste removal services to contractors involved in new construction, remodeling and demolition. Our complete line of equipment for construction waste disposal and recycling includes roll-off containers ranging from 4 yards to 30 yards—ideal for any size construction site. S&P Carting can create a pick up schedule ranging from one to six times per week and can accommodate all construction and demolition debris including sheetrock, dirt, grass and other building materials. S&P Carting’s experienced drivers arrive when your crew is ready and deliver roll-off bins wherever your project may specify – regardless of how difficult the location may be to access. Our equipment is built to provide durability, reliability and the professional image of service.

In addition, S&P Carting makes it easy for construction companies to be green through our comprehensive recycling programs. We recycle a number of construction materials including:
• Concrete and asphalt
• Wood
• Metals Listed below are the approximate specifications of each of our containers to help you make the correct choice in roll-off dumpsters.



Picture - click for large view

4 yard 5ft long 5ft high

6 yard 5ft long 6ft high

10 yard 11ft long 4ft high

20 yard 22ft long 4ft high

30 yard 22ft long 6ft high

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